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January 10, 2011

Some news about France, V

Well it seems flooding is becoming constant recently, on the events worldwide, we need to tell you France ,also ,has its flooding especially in the North. The departments of  Oise , Aisne, Nord, and the Ardennes are on Orange alert or the medium serious level of warning in France. This in addition to last week in Fourmies in the dept Nord, where evacuations were needed. So if thinking of going in the area check the weather reports.

In general the weather has been mild lately with temps even at 12°C high and lows of 0°C.  Rains will play a role on several days to come so bring an umbrella ::)

We are getting ready for the Census of the population in my area from January 20th to February 26 2011, census takers will be stopping by our houses to take information. Already estimated the population in my region of Ile de France will grow by 10% in 2040 due to births while more adults will leave the area. It is estimated the population will be by 2040 at 12.7 mill from the current 11.6 mill.

The luxury hotels in Paris are getting ready for a facelift due primarily from the increase in tourism and the arrival of some heavy hitters like the Shangri-là, Royal Monceau, Mandarin Oriental, Majestic Peninsula will be done by 2012. The regal grands to have some renovations done so ask for rooms and direct info if planning on staying on them are as follows:

Crillon ,under new owner saudi arabian prince Mishal, they will put about 60-70 Mill € on the hotel.  Plaza Athénée just purchase 3 adjacent buildings for expansion of rooms and meeting salons.  George V is ongoing renovation by block of floor for 2 years and only! 20M€ for carpets, electricity, and decorations. Prince de Galles is going to close for one year from February 15  to do a complete make over trying to obtain the five stars nomination.  Meurice is going to renovate its kitchens,and columns for about 2M€ while already renovated the ground floor with designer Philippe Starck. The Bristol, already 15M€ invested with new rooms, and a new restaurant.  Only the Ritz stays without, waiting for a buyer to do so….stay tune. Info taken from the Le Parisien newspaper in French of today January 10 2011.

Ryanair will close its hub at Marseille effective tomorrow,no more flying there. There allegations by French authorities of using sub normal hiring practices and under pay employees some even illegals, when face with allegations, the airline chose to leave !!! While Air France traffic increase 2% in December 2010 from previous year.

Voyages-SNCF the travel site in France connected with the public transportation system but allows you to book almost anything on it, and I use regularly, has now come up starting today with the “google of travel” call Hexago, a search engine that will allow users to find information more easily according to the journal on travel Quotidiene du tourisme.

The hotel Méridian Montparnasse will now be call Pullman Paris Montparnasse from now on. Manage by the French group ACCOR.

ETA the terrorists in the Basque country of Spain has announced a cease to hostilities, one more time. Permanence that will be able to be verify by the International community. Hope it lasts.

One great actor and one of the oldest living Real Madrid FC socios in the world Juanito Navarro passed away today at age 86 in his native Madrid, RIP.

and last but not least, we just finished having our traditional Galette des rois or king pie with the family done every epiphany where we eat the pie with almond paste or apple strudel type and hope to find the figurine inside that make us king or queen for the day! I won this year for the first time Lol!!! I am the KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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