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December 26, 2010

Some news about France III

Well very cold days in France, temperature went down to -17°C in Strasbourg yesterday night, in my area it went down to -6°C with Paris -4°C ;these are very cold indeed this year. Orange alert still on for all those traveling.

However the airports had a calm day getting back for all those cancellations and delays in the last couple of days due to implement weather. The SNCF train is advising folks to go only if needed, the latest delays and cancellations there this morning 5 thalys and 4 Eurostars.

In Paris, the Seine is at its highest level in years….3,69meters the highest since 2006 declaring a level 3 alert for flooding on a scale of 6.  The Zouave is been watch carefully all night by Paris authorities as it tells them when higher alerts are needed in case of flooding. The roads are closed for precautions according to the Le Parisien newspaper, voie Georges Pompidou and the Tuileries tunnel by the Louvre is close to traffic. However, the pleasure boats on the Seine had a huge success as folks wanting to ride a boat in freezing water was unique, does not happened often I guess Lol!!!

I have been lucky as it is Christmas vacation for the whole family and stayed put at home. We usually ride by car but dangerous to do so nowdays, will wait it out until hit the roads with the family again. My last outing was mid december to Luxembourg, then the bad weather came in. Other parts of Europe are been similar hit with Spain having to put alert to as much as 34 provinces, and heavy flooding in Malaga province.

Best way to find out about train delays in France is to look at this site

So be careful, and plan alternatives routes if planning trip at this time of the year. Happy Holidays !!

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