Best Shopping, my shopping in Paris

I will go into very subjective territory but as many do come here for the shopping and gift given too, I will put my favorites over the years in some areas. This is not an exhaustive all inclusive list, it is only my favorites shopping places in Paris proper. Hope you too can make it your own or bring on some more ideas in the comments area. Of course if need direction or help locating one of the list or other let me know .

First a general overview will tell you the main shopping areas in Paris are in the 8éme arrondissement or district;they have the zip or postal code 75008. The haute couture or ready to wear goes from the city “golden triangle” from avenues Montaigne and George V to the rue Royale, rue du Faubourg St Honoré and rue St Honoré. Luxury jewerlers are in the 1eme or  2éme arrondissment or 75001 and 75002 zip codes all around the place Vendôme ,and rue de la Paix. You have in the Marais area around 4éme or 75004 many interesting boutiques. You have my favorite area the chic 16éme or 75016 with clothing, perfumers,and home decor stores lining up rue de Passy and avenue Victor Hugo. Plenty of ritzy stores in bd St Germain en Prés and surrounding streets. As well as the Department stores like Galeries Lafayette.

Talking of deparment stores, even thus is very heavy towards tourists still is a nice place to go at least to browse. Visitors get discounts of up to 12% plus the sales tax VAT refund for purchases from 175€ in any store. The webpages pages for them are

Galeries Lafayette, . Au Printemps, BHV, le Bon Marché,

Then you have some shopping centers or malls that are my favorite come and get all, stay warm or cool,and mingle with more local people, these are CC Bercy 2, by Porte de Bercy ; CC Italie 2 ,by Place d’Italie,  The center of the Forum Les Halles is great for shopping ,eating and entertainment as well web

the stores for high tech I love Surcouf, 21 bd Haussmann, site of course  in addition to music books etc, FNAC, love the Champs-Elysées, Forum, or passage du Havre by gare St Lazare, and Virgin at the Champs-Elysées,  For telephony,the best is Orange , for visitor the one I found most friendly is at metro Madeleine out on your back, For more local books, cd, maps, dvd etc the Gibert Joseph stores are a must, see the one coming out of metro St Michel to your right,

For mens business and nice combinations, mines are Milano ,part of grupo Cortefiel in Spain but handle apart entirely ,at 28 rue Tronchet 75008. closer is metro line 9 Havre Caumartin or RER A Auber. Between the grand magasins and madeleine.  Daniel Hechter, 31 rue Tronchet, 75008 . JMWeston for shoes at 97 ave Victor Hugo, 75016 metro Victor Hugo and not far from the Arc de Triomphe. web The H&M stores but mostly the one  across from the grand magasins in 54 bd Haussmann .web The C&A stores but especially the one at 49 bd Haussmann, web

Beauty salons when not get them to come home cheaper especially my wife goes to Jean-Louis David several in Paris, our favorite is at 14 rue des Sablons 75016 inside the galerie Saint Didier; metro rue de la Pompe or Trocadero. web Plenty of nice small stores in a small shopping center this is galerie Saint Didier, great local ambiance,and chic.

When I need to get me a book in English I go to WH Smith at 248 rue Rivoli, 75001, English bookstore,and the service is great they can hold the book for you after finding it, they just did it again for me ::) Metro concorde and web here Of course English is well spoken !

I dont have small children anymore but did a lot of loads here Bonpoint,  you can get at dept stores too but do go to the main store 6 rue de Tournon, 75006.Metro Mabillon. web

My oldest son is into restaurant and cuisine ,commerce, so he dwells into some good schooling here, if you are in Paris and need some cooking classes than head out to the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, for the best . At 64 rue de Ranelagh 75016 metro Ranelagh line 9. very nice area too. web

Some discount shops, an outlet for haute couture and ready to wear for years is Anna Lowe, 104 rue du Faubourg Sainte Honoré,75008 metro Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau. web

If want to get an international wine go to Lavinia, 3-5 bd de la Madeleine, metro Madeleine. Huge place with lots of choices, prices a bit high but hard to get foreign wines available. If you want French wines then head for the Nicolas stores all over Paris; mine favorite is at 3 ave Mozart, 75016; metro Muette line 9 web; always friendly service and good prices.

For goodies there are several but my all time favorite is Hediard, probably because I have close to house and use it more;in Paris is at 21 place de la Madeleine, metro Madeleine 75008/ web  You can go for wonderful chocolates to many places, but again my favorite is the La Maison du Chocolat, 120 ave Victor Hugo, 75016: metro Victor Hugo. web Another chocoholic place of great standing is the house of Debauve & Gallais, 30 Rue des St Péres, 75007: metro St Germain des Prés. web

Another all time favorite even from the USA now locally is L’Occitane, some of our Christmas gifts came from there this year, in Paris our fav store is at 53 rue de Passy,75016 at the galerie Passy Plaza. Metro Passy or la Muette line 9. web Parfums are all over but the store that I went to as work nearby and always great service is Parfumerie Catherine ,7 rue de Castiglione 75001. Tel +33 01 42 61 02 89. metro Concorde or Tuileries,no webpage.

Great grocery shopping is Monoprix, my fav store is at 24 rue des Belles Feuilles,75016. various stores all over Paris, web A more accessable and more food oriented store is Franprix, good store at 38 avenue Mozart,75016. again many stores throughtout Paris, webpage is here

For home projects and the ever ending repairs around the house, etc, other than the basement of the grand magasin BHV, you can try Leroy Merlin at 52 rue Rambuteau,75004 Metro Chatelet. near centre Pompidou or Beaubourg . Its a national chain that I use near my home too. web Another local store of good quality is Bricolex, 178 ave de Versailles ,75016. web here with other locations as well.

Again on my roots I always need to look for Spanish and American products and over the years these have been the best price/quality and selection. Thanksgiving, an American store in Paris. Also, a cajun restaurant above floor, run by Louisiana folks. It is in the village St Paul at 20 rue Saint Paul, 75004.Metro St Paul  or Pont Marie. Web ;then Cap Hispania, a Spanish grocery store in Paris. This is clean cut and run by Spaniards as well. It is at 23 rue Jouffroy d’Abbans, 75017. Metro  Wagram .webpage at

Then there are many market or marchés in Paris, over the years we have settle to go to the Bastille market by bd Richard Lenoir, not only goodies but also the best arts around on Saturdays. The site for the arts is here  then the local produce was known as the Saint Ambroise, today you get there on bd Richard Lenoir on metro Breguet-Sabin and Richard Lenoir. One of the largest in Paris every Thursdays from 7h to 14h30 and Sundays from 7h to 15h,best.  The other is a favorite of my wife , the marché des fleurs Cité at place Louis Lépine, near the Conciergerie. Open Mondays to Saturdays from 8h to 19h Metro Cité.

In closing, these are sites that provide excellent info on stores by arrondissement or else, they are helpful in finding top quality items with current information. There are in French but so its the country,you get the real thing.  Hope they help

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4 Comments to “Best Shopping, my shopping in Paris”

  1. Great comprehensive and helpful information, thanks, Pedro


  2. Thanks, working hard ::) Merry Christmas!


  3. W.H.Smith is a great bookstore. It has a wonderful and huge selection of English language magazines and language books both English and French.

    I also love Village Voice which is quite tiny and cozy. They have evening forums in English which is a nice way to spend an evening.

    FNAC also has forums every week in French at around 5 in the afternoon, My favorite FNAC is at Montparnasse on rue de Rennes. There is a cafe in the lower level called Café Roberta which has quite a fabulous hot chocolate. You can also have a nice lunch there or just rest your bones over a cup of tea or glass of wine after shopping.


  4. yes thanks for the contribution Francesca. FNAC is all over ,really good choices. The other one do not know but good to have choices.


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