Some news about France

allo allo well some news about France now, as the season is just around the corner.

First the trains zones in Paris will be change beginning in July 2011. Now we have 6 zones stemming from Paris proper zone 1 all the way to Mantes la Jolie on the west and Melun in the east with Disneyland in zone 5. Now the longest zone will be zone 5 ,eliminating zone 6. The idea is to have a unique tariff for all transport by the year 2012. As July is the month where tarifs prices change in France, you will need to be on the lookout for that date on new tarifs update while traveling in France.

In addition the WTO=World Tourism Organisation has come up saying that France will remain in first place for visitors in 2010. In 2009, France had 74,2 million visitors,  United States 54,9 m, Spain 52,2 and China 50,9. For 2010 France will keep its first place, according to the organisations estimates with USA second and China moving up to third, Spain fourth. It is expected China to be number one by the year 2020.

Heavy snows in my area of Versailles, as much as 5-7 inches of snow (13-16cm +-) fell yesterday, and all transports were stopped. Cars were left on the road as folks could not get by. I spent 8 hours getting out my kids from school and work in Versailles, snow covered streets as police had blocked some routes for safety, and I needed to do some alternative routings to get in and out.

Unfortunately forgot the camera at home …………………….still learning ::)


2 Comments to “Some news about France”

  1. Haha Pedro,

    Tough with the snow eh ? Looked good on the T.V. though.

    Best regards



  2. Thanks for the comments Paul


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