Marché de Noel or Christmas markets

A tradition that endures, and a very nice time to be in France. One of the highlight of my winter travels is to attend a Marché de Nôel every year a different one. Our favorites have not coincided with the popular votes as we preferred the ones in Metz, and Arras than others.

Some info on the markets in France that I and family have been to:

Dates december 3-28 2010 ,Hours : 10h -20h, except the 10, 11, 17 ,and 18 December :Closing at 22h, the 24 and 28 December, closing at 19h Place: place du Capitole, Toulouse .For more information webpage

Dates :  November 24 th to December 30,2010. Hours :Sunday to Thurdays from 11h -20h, Friday and Saturday the 11 December from 11h- 21h, nightimes the Saturdays  5, 12 and 19  December until  22h, Thursdays  24th and Wednesday  30th December from  11h- 18h, Saturday 26 December from 11h-20h.Place : place Rihour, Lille. For more information webpage

Dates : November 27 to December 31, 2010. Hours :November 27 to December  23 ,Sundays to Thursdays from  10h -20h and the Fridays and Saturdays from 10h- 21h,the  24th from 10h-18h, the 25th from 14h -18h, and from December 26-30 from 10h-19h,the  31th from 10h-18h. Place : place de la Cathédrale and place du Château, Strasbourg. For more information webpage

Dates : until December  25, 2010.Hours :Monday to Thursdays from  10h – 20h,Fridays and Saturdays from 10h- 21h, Sundays from 11h-20h. Place: place Royale et place du Commerce, Nantes. For more information webpage

Dates :  November 27 to December  31, 2010. Hours : 10h-20h . Place: several places like the train station, pl st jacques, and st pierre etc .  Metz. For more informations webpage

Dates : November 27 to December 31 , 2010. Hours : usually from 11h – 19h, Saturdays from 10h – 20h , Closed Monday mornings, the 25th December and January 1st. Place : place de la Cathédrale, Rouen. For more information webpage

Dates :  In Paris , at Gare de l’Est  until December 18th  2010. Montparnasse from December 10th to January 2nd  2011.  Trocadero from Thursdays December 9th to December 29 2010. Saint Germain des prés from now until January 2nd  2011. church of  Saint Sulpice from December 11 to 24 2010.  Champs Elysées  from now until December 24th  2010.  Marché de Noël d’Alsace at the  Maison de l’Alsace until December 23,  2010. For more information webpage

Date: November 24th to December 27th 2010. Hours: Sunday to Fridays from 11h-20h30 , Saturdays until 21h. Place: Esplanade de la Defense, La Defense 92. For more information webpage

Date: November 26 to December 24 2010. Hours: Mondays  to Fridays from 12h-19h30, Saturdays from 10h-21h,Sundays from 10h-19h30. Nightimes until 22h on Saturday and Sunday December 18,19.  Place: Place du Beffroi, Arras. For more Information webpage

Enjoy Christmas in France!!!


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