My life in Madrid, Spain

I arrived from Havana, Cuba on December 30th 1970 in a lonely long flight of 16 hours aboard a Britannia four propellers aircraft with a fueling stop in Santa Maria, Azores islands of Portugal. After much political pressure and the help of the Spanish government as Spanish citizens to leave the island dictatorship. I ended in another one Lol!

My early life was accompanying my mother as my father had already escape by boat to the USA. We were supported there by my father with remittances so we were not dependant on anything or anybody. I was lucky enough thru an old family friend to enrolled in the Real Madrid training camps in football/soccer, baseball,and volleyball. We practice all over mostly in the sports city and casa del campo installations and baseball at the parque de la Elipa (still the Madrid federation main baseball field today behing Retiro park area of Elipa).

We lived in a modest apartment or piso at Alcala 331, 2do A ,buzon 67, Madrid 27, or at the 331 alcala street, 2nd floor apartment A, mailbox 67, Madrid zip/postal code 28027. This is metro Quintana ,line 5 right there as you come up/ Past the Ventas monumental bullfight ring into working class Madrid.

The time was spent at school, very strict, chasing girls not so strict,and playing sports. Helping my mother as always with her to go out shopping and doing the house work. I was a busy men. My most memorable experience was going out with the adults who would take me to the different tapas restaurants for a caña ,a glass of beer or chatico, a glass of wine. the favorites hangouts then were Timbales,Casa Paco,Las Cuevas de Luis Candela,Cafe Gijon,Cerveceria Alemana,and many small unkown places all over Madrid.

Sports wise, going to Casa del Campo for the Real Madrid training was great. I played in the Alavin,and Benjamin divisions, and were Champions of Spain in 1972-73. The Elipa baseball complex was great too as we played against the US base at Torrejon de Ardoz, and the serviceman kids had a team. Then me and my Spanish friends would go to Parque de la Montaña right next to Oeste to ride the cable car or Teleferico.

Madrid will always be one of my homes no matter where I must live in the World. Once biten it is hard not to missed the city friendly casual ambiance. Another city in the trail of Ernest Hemingway ::) I left the city in May 10 ,1974 as a resident citizen, but been back several times . I will always have a look down on it from heaven. Hasta pronto!

3 Comments to “My life in Madrid, Spain”

  1. Ons the Hemingway trail. From Cuba to Madrid……..Odinnthor


  2. and on to Paris mon ami.Thanks
    and now I have ratings too ho ho ho!


  3. Reblogged this on Paris1972-Versailles2003 and commented:

    As I have already book my apartment in Madrid in August by Plaza de las Cortes I figure after much writing to bring this post up and a bit more of me! From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday!!!
    The comments on the original post are from an old friend that since has passed away RIP!


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