Eternal Paris

The beauty of the city never ceased ever since reading a “movable feast” by Hemingway, and visiting for the first time in 1972.  The city really became what it is today after emperor Napoleon III order Baron Haussmann to beautify and modernised the city in the 1860’s, many villages around Paris were annexed like Auteuil, Passy,Belleville, etc. You will see many monuments and sights as well as restaurant reviews eventually, keep an eye on it.Tour Eiffel

jardin de luxembourg, statue of liberty

statue of liberty at jardin de luxembourg

Sacre Coeur

high up at Sacre Coeur

Seine river

Seine River, Sacre Coeur and what do you see?Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, Seine river

Notre Dame

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

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12 Comments to “Eternal Paris”

  1. Best of luck with the new venture Pedro.


  2. Good luck, Pedro. When you are ready to write a book, I know a great editor!


  3. Hello mon ami!
    Nice start. Can’t go wrong with the City of Lights. You know she gave my daughter her name.
    I shall check in from time to time. Great start. Erik….d:o)


  4. It took me two separate visits to Paris to begin to understand the Parisian. At first I thought they were rude and opinionated. On the third visit, I’m a slow learner, I began to understand that for the main they are positive thinkers who totally believe in themselves. Once those facts are understood life become a lot easier for the tourist.


  5. WElcome to blogworld! Rich K, sent me your link. I will look forward to seeing what you have to share with us. Paris, je t’aime!!


  6. Hi Pedro….will use Yahoo for this as it is best for when I travel….The blog is beautiful



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