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May 24, 2015

And more Finistére at Roscoff!

Following my previous post on a swing by car thru the Finistére region no 29, we went by car to Morlaix and with time decided to take a plunge into Roscoff a bit further. This was a good choice as we enjoy the sea breezes here with plenty of visitors. The tourist office is here,

The town is very touristic and seafarer, with lots of British influx due to the Brittany Ferry trips. We came by car along the D58 road, very nice done road and very little traffic almost alone on the road !!!  We hit first the ferry port and saw the many cars lining up to go over the manche… This is a busy port indeed with 85% British visitors. The website for the ferry is here, .   We went by the Casino de Roscoff at port de Bloscon as well very nice and conveniently located by the ferry boat harbor ::)  website here

We ,then proceeded by car to the lighthouse or phare right off the street coming in by the fishing old harbor ;this lighthouse is 24 meters high and has 95 steps, the square top was started in 1914,as well as the optic lense and done in 1917.  Funny we follow the petit train into the narrow streets all the way to the parking behind the church Notre Dame de Croas Batz that itself was started built in 1520, with the belltower from 1576 and all done in granite. There is a marker on the wall as you come from the embarcadére to ile de Batz showing the spot where Marie Stuart of the Scotts once lived and also a plaque commemoration across from it. Queen at age 7 days! she crosses into Roscoff history as girlfriend of future king of France François II , she lands at Roscoff by the chapel of Saint Ninien , (today destroyed) on which remaining façade there is the writing of this event. Ann event in history longer to write about it in my blog.

We went to the pleasure boat marina of Bloscon, website here;

and the embarcadére or cruising terminal to the island or ile de Batz, very nice indeed, we went down on the side of the Ibis hotel to the stony beach and you a great view of the passerelle to get the boat here,nice. It is done several times a day but cancel in case of high tides with coefficient greater than 100. In addition to Roscoff tourist office, you have in French more on the island here ,

The town is very lovely with vibrant activities and plenty to shop for souvenirs and eating places. I rather think the beaches are great in season and one must come early for space. It has been years for me here;and first time with the family. Other than the tourist office link above, the petit train has an association of these wonderful family train in French here on Roscoff,

It was already late and as not planned to visit here ,we headed home, just our routine one day or weekend trips in our area and writing about it for eternity ::) . It goes to say, we will be back in season as it is nice for longer stay by the ocean . The road back was not the same as the one coming to Morlaix and then Roscoff. I always try to beat Michelin lol! We took the same road out of Roscoff back to Morlaix on the D58 briefly on the D712 and then on the D769, and then by La Feuillée change to the D764  and continue to Carhaix-Plouger to hook up with the N164 dir Rostrenen. At Mûr de Bretagne we got off heading into the D767 direction Pontivy, at Pontivy we took the D768 direction Baud, and here the road D768 direction Camors into our town. So in this way we saved 11 kms with 15 mins more of travel. In all the first one by Michelin won as the ride along the Mont d’Arrée is fantastic.

and now home writing about the new adventures; have a great Pentecôte or Pentecost day wherever you are and if celebrating it as we are on a 3 day weekend. Cheers.

 Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff  Roscoff


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May 24, 2015

How about that Finistére, this is Morlaix

Another of my weekend trips in my beautiful Bretagne/Brittany or Breizh. This time it was in the departément of Finistére no 29. We went to see Morlaix. The tourist offices are ; We went by car of course , it is about 2h30 from us on the N165 to Quimper past it take the N164 direction Pleyben/Morlaix, then hook up with the D785 again direction Pleyben/Morlaix , take a quick right on the D712, D712B and again back on the D785 and again on the D712 on a series of traffic circles until reaching the D769 direction Morlaix into city center by rue de Brest which is strangely the D712 road ! The signs are well posted. Going there we passed by the wonderful nature of the Mont d’Arrée the historical hills of Brittany. This is wonderful for the nature lovers and history buffs like me, we drove by it this time but stops frequents to soak in on the scenary, the monts Saint Michel is wonderful, to see it in depth to come. More on it here at the Finistére tourist office, We found easy parking at the place Charles de Gaulle right past the viaduct and in front of the Tourist office and House or Maison Penanault which has a nice mini presentation of the history of the area,both house and office are the same. The statue of the Corsair Charles Cornic is there.  You walk right into the viaduct and have on Saturdays a wonderful food and fleas market or marché; here as well as heading to the great architecture of the city hall or hotel de ville. Across the basin that is part of the Harbor or portat quai de Léon,  you have the Manufacture des Tabacs that for 250 years was a main motor of fabrication of cigars etc, today it is save by administrative offices and it is open to the public to showcase it. As we arrive by midi or noon, it is time here to have lunch, and as we were in Morlaix central, just when the marché or market was going on under the viaduct transport bridge we choose the historic Le Grand Café de la Terrasse just past the parking at the next square Place des Otages; it is regal house done in 1885, and serving since. Very nice belle époque designs and friendly local service. We sat inside and had a great course with me having apéro as usual porto rouge (red) ,then  pizzthéque ( blend of watermelons, salads, cheeses, cherry tomatoes entrée) , then the tartine de chévre et deux jambons or goat’s cheese and two hams including iberico type ham.toasted bread and on a bed of salads, all with a great Chinon red Expression 2012 and expresso coffee;others had different things from omelette to burgers to risotto seafood platter. café gourmand (with sweets), raspberries surprises mousse and coffee as well as assorted aperitifs from cognac to vodka to poire Williams liquor. All for 30 euros per person; bit high but all worth it. We continue our wandering to visit the church Saint Melaine, very rustic pretty old nice; right by the viaduct almost touching it. Church started from 1489 and continuously renovated to 1574 and even 1956. It has an impressive belltower that recognizes it all over town. We walk all over on the meandering streets to the hotel de ville or mairie past the days market and into the place E Souvestre and place de Viarmes , the Grande Rue and the place des jacobins (couvent des jacobins) with its city museum or Musée de Morlaix , also some in the Maison à Pondalez, Up to the Rue du Mur and wonderful Place Allende with a nice lookout of the city up by the old ruins Chateau (now a college) and into the next nice Church of Saint Mathieu, a gothic church from 1494 is now done from 1824. The magnificient tower dates from the 16C renaissance style ,the first one in Brittany in this form. Inside you have the magical opening door of the virgin Notre Dame du Murs done around 1400 in the region of Koln, Germany! On the left there is a last supper and the washing of the feet of Christ,and to the right the reliefs of the Crucifixtion We climb very high steep hilly streets you name it, to reach the district or quartier of Saint Martin and see the more modern Church of Saint Martin,Place Saint Martin,  oldest roots since end of the 14C but the church much newer now after damage end of the 16C ,and not finish until 1863. Up in the square du chateau you have a wonderful view of the city and viaduct, this castle was dismantled in the 16C following the wars of the League, you go along the rue des Vielles Murailles and rue Edouard Corbiére to rejoin the rue du murs. It is now a school college there. There is a nice theater or théatre du pays de Morlaix ,done from a gift of the count of Ange de Guernisac to the city; the theater is done Italianesque style and opened in 1888.  renovated and newer reopen again in 2002 after a  period of closings. Do not missed the maison or house of Anne de Bretagne in the Place Allende, very historical for Brittany. The kiosque or bandstand  in front of the hotel de ville dating from 1903; the harbor or port and the fountain or fontaine des anglais,  named after the English attack in 1522 , the inhabitant return and defend the town ,the blood it is said came out of this fountain (of course just a leyend here).  It is just past the port and manufacture des tabacs on the other side the quai de Tréguier. along the day we shop at the boulangerie de Aurore et Benoit by 11 rue Gambetta, the great liquors Bretons at the Le Cave des Jacobins at place des Jacobins, the biscuiterie de Morlaix at rue du murs for cookies. In all we went on to Roscoff another post forthcoming this 3 day holiday in France. Happy Pentecôte or Pentecost to all those celebrating it. Cheers.  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix

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May 8, 2015

A town crisscross by three waterways! it’s Redon!

Today loomed like a rainy day but no matter what we are use to Brittany already lol! We head out for a family day in a town I pass by on car or train but never went in really. This is the water heavy boat crazy and leisure inland living town of Redon in South Brittany, the still land of the Gallo language not Breton but it can be heard too.

The area tourist office in French,

and the mayor’s office tourist section in French,

We live less than 2 hrs from it so we took the D779 over to the D135 past Saint Avé to hook up with the D775 at Saint Nolff and straight to Redon avoiding all N national roads. Easy leasure ride and plenty of parking by the Quai Surcouf in Redon as today its the anniversary of the end of WWII in France on May 8 1945, a holiday off day!

Once we arrive the rain was no more and we had a great time walking all over the town, from the famous harbor of pleasure boats to the in and out of the boats on the levies, the tranquil waters of the Oust and Vilaine rivers as well as the Canal Nantes-Brest passing by this town is all boats and waterways.

The musée de la Batellerie is nice but as a holiday it was close, something to come back for it. It shows the history of boat making and river navigation in the area,

We continue wandering to the point of ave jean Burel past Quai Jean Barts to see the La Croix des marins, or the mariners cross pointing out to the union of the rivers oust and vilaine. We walk over the Vilaine to visit the nearby town of Saint Nicolas de Redon ,unique because this is in dept 44 Loire-Atlantique so two departments regions in one walk !

We did not buy but took a peek at the Les Halles wonderful covered market ;huge renovated in 2012 but dating from the 19C, very lively with about 30 fix merchants inside selling all the area goodies. We did purchase our baguettes there from Le Fournil de la Fontaine at 1 Rue Duguesclin a wonderful wooden house of old; great looking architecture near the abbey of St Sauveur.

We visited the Abbey of Saint Sauveur of course, again for me, and first for the family. A wonderful church with chapels and organ and wonderfully decorated altar as well as the unique bell and clock tower gothic style detach from the abbey and 28 meters high. The clocktower roman style is from the 12C. The back chevet is from 13-14C. The west side dates from 1786-1992.The nerf or nave is from 11-18C. The gothic choir is from 13C. The ambulatory is from the 14C. The baptismal chapel vases are from the 17-20C. The altar and retable is from 1634 – 1636 also 18-19C. The altar and retable of the Sacred Heart is from 17C. The relics of the Pope Léon III are from the 18-19C.  The gothic tower standing alone is from the 14C. The chapel of Jeanne d’Arc is from 1920. the Chapel of the Dukes and Chapel of Saint-Roch are from the 14C. You will find the encrusted tomb of Raoul de Pontbriand (15C), abbey of Redon from 1419 to 1422.

Of course, we had our usual lunch away from home and we walk so finally decided to eat at L’Ecluse pizzeria resto in nearby Saint Nicolas de Redon! just over the department 35 to 44 line! oh well we do walk here. The place was great, we were the first one in, all staff waiting us , and service was prompt and nice. We had our aperitifs or apéros with porto red, piña colada, whisky cola , l’ecluse house special of fruits no alcohol and cocktail alexis with rosé wine and lemon. Then we went with the tagliatelles with goat cheeses for two, calzone of ham and cheese, and pizzas of Indienne, Royale (beef for me), we had a lyonnaise house rosé wine bottle and then desserts were bounty (coconut ice cream and choco syrup), banana split, peach melba, pears belle helene, and caraibe coffee with vodka. We left paying at the counter for 28 ,20 euros per person. A bit high been in an off area away from the main tourist spots. However, the place is sparkling clean very nice decoration with riverware and old Paris posters, and the place was pack with local people by the time we finish. No webpage but it is at 84, avenue Jean Burel  tel +33 02 99 72 33 04. On the D164 road to La Gacilly.

In fact, we left town the other way on the D873 out of Redon, towards La Gacilly the same, and went to a nature place my collegues at work told me to visit especially in good days, this is the Ile aux Pies.  A wonderful nature of Brittany site, with the oust river passing and spaces for picnic, horse riding, children playground, kayak,canoe, boating, and mountain climbing on a great cliff. plenty of free parking, the site here in French,

You continue on the D873 and reach the panel for ile aux pies take it left and follow the signs until the end. Plenty of camping cars spaces too. More on the climbing in English here,

And we continue this way towards La Gacilly (yves rocher cosmetic center) but been here already continue home passing by Saint Martin sur Oust and Saint Gravés direction Questembert and back on the D775 home. Now still no more rain lol!

And getting ready for Sunday go out again next week Portugal and Spain here I come. enjoy your weekend;cheers.

ile aux pies ile aux pies  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon  Redon Saint Gravé Saint Martin sur Oust Saint Nicolas de Redon



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May 2, 2015

My Travels in the Morbihan ,X

 Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Guidel  Lorient  Lorient  Lorient  Lorient  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur  Ploemeur


passing la saudraye river on d152

This was supposed to be a grand weekend, Labor Day here so 3 days off weekend. Instead it has been miserable, rain all day hard sometimes, traffic jams all over as folks that planned on the beach now coming back in hordes. Even Vannes last night was almost impossible. Talk about small town traffic jam lol!!!

We had ideas of going over to Nantes on the Atlantique shopping center but the roads was completely jam on the N165 all the way there. So we turn around and decide to explore new areas on the Lorient area. Happy we did as here there is always great surprises and new found beauties all the time. An un-exhaustable abundant of natural beauty.

We went off the N165 to Ploemeur and took a ride by the little airport that already receive big planes at about 9 kms from Lorient and a mix use of civil and military. The naval base of Lann-Bihoué is here too since 1938. Big parking spaces one terminal ,one entry for arrival and one for departures. on the D163 follow the signs of Lann Bihoué .

I had to bring a collegue on a night trip here and now saw it better in daytime. You never know what rates you can find. We continue our journey to the town of Ploemeur, and on city center saw the nice Church of Saint Peter or St Pierre. The beauty is to go along the coast on the D306 and see the beaches such as Plage du Fort Bloqué ( 1 900 meters long), many menhirs or stones, and chapels, as well very nice quaint city center. Also, beaches at Kaolin, Peréllo, Port Fontaine,  Anse du Stole,Kerpape, Kerroch and Lomener. The church of St Pierre is from the 12C and was ruined in 1668. The reconstruction of the tower and bell was done in 1686, the four bells benediction was done in 1726 and two are newer from 1783. A copy of St Pierre is up at the front door and the original is in the altar.

Info on the town is at the city page in French,

and the agglo of Lorient site

some info on the Lorient tourist site in English,

and a bit more in English at the region of Morbihan site,

We continue our exploration of new or fairly new territory and went into a new one at Guidel. Great find. Plenty here

This is just covering the coast and wonderful beaches some secluded and most open and best for water sports like surfing. There is an imposing church of Guidel in city center, and surrounded by shops, restos etc vibrant. We decided to take a break here and eat lunch. We pick a picturesque Italian villa call La Villa Toscane  resto grill pizzeria at 15 place Jafffré. Very nice decoration toscane, great welcome nice friendly service, big portions good prices , and great quality. We have pizzas of different combi I had the Mexicaine with chorizos and spicy beef, expresso coffee and a bottle of côte de provence st tropez rosé we share all for 18 Euros per person, nice. Great pictures of the resto here

We notice that bus 60 from the Lorient agglo metro area takes  you all over here so good to know of those not with a car as we are always here with ours….schedules here

We came on the express road N165 and got in thru Ploemeur first and then Guidel and then back on the N165 home. From Ploemeur we took the D162 and continue into Guidel where we took the D152 coastal road before taking the D306 back to the N465 beltway at Lorient and the N165 home.

There is a great pleasure boat harbor at Guidel with great beach parking and plenty of restos and vacation homes even campings. Passing Fort du Loch (built in 1756)   and eventually Fort Bloqué (built between 1747 and 1758 after the English invasion of 1746, and it was integrated into the fortification network defending Lorient. During WWII it was part of the Atlantic wall done by the Nazis).

along great beaches and wild coastal cliffs. All the way out to Lorient. A place to come back to and explore in more details. I leave you with the taste and good vibration we had. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers.



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April 25, 2015

A whimsical walk in Auray

Well today went back to my old town of residency here, last post I notice was from Sept 2014. I still only live about 15 kms from it, so it was going to rain in the afternoon (it did) so took off for it in the morning for a walk and some quencher drinks.

If no time to read on my posts on Auray( just entered Auray on the research space right column on my main page) the Tourist office here is

We went on the back side and park at Athena by the mediathéque and municipal pool, and then walk by past the chapel of St Esprit; this is now use for exhibitions, events concerts right in the middle of town done from 1286 the last Mass was done in 1790 (due to French revolution) and then to now use as other functions;

We went around this, to reach place Gabriel Deshayes, and come up again the wonderful Church of Saint Gildas, it was started built in  1623  but not finished until 1663. The belltower with a square top in three levels was not finished until 1701. We wondered around in city center to past the tourist office of the old chapelle  de la Congregation, and continue to the hotel de ville area (newly renovated) to up the space jeu de paume a very narrow street that takes you to a nice garden and the old prison.

You continue coming down to the hotel de ville area and go around on your right when the hotel on your back and go see the Chapelle du Pére Eternel, the old cordeliers order was here since 1644 ,lost during the French revolution, in 1807 it was given back to the Sister of the Holy Charity of Saint Louis . Here in 1820 the priest of the Chistian instruction were given the order for God only and the rules  by the Vicary of Saint Brieuc and the priest of Auray Gabriel Deshayes. It is now awaiting renovation. After it you have the park Le Belvédére with beautiful views over the river basin of Saint Goustan below and a football field of the city of Auray.

You take here a narrow street call the rue du Belvédére to go down to the river basin of Auray, at the end of this street you arrive at the top of the Castle ruins overlooking the river and the district of Saint Goustan for marvelous views.

Here at Saint Goustant, our favorite local area where we are often, we had our let down and our ice cream and gauffres from L’Igloo just overlooking the river Auray that goes out into the Gulf of Morbihan and eventually the Atlantic ocean above it the N165 expressway Nantes-Brest.

Finally, after a bit of walking on the beautiful harbor of Saint Goustan, we decided for some drink, a nice cold Grimbergen blonde beers with coffee genoise and diabolo menthe overlooking the river, the crowd and the beautiful life in the Morbihan. We stop at the L’Armoric café pizzeria resto right in the corner of place Saint Sauveur.

And already raining a bit hard, we went back to our car and home just 15 kms away where we spent the rest of the day until new urge to go out again. cheers and have a great weekend wherever you are in our wonderful world.

 Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray  Auray





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April 6, 2015

The Villa city by the sea next to the big harbor of Malo, this is Dinard.

What a name, hard to come up with titles for the uncreative mind lol! In this wonderful Easter holiday, off today and day off tomorrow !! We decided to go up again and visit Dinard. We have been to the ones nearby and always missed it even thus we heard about its wonderful villas houses. Dinard is gorgeous and the best for us were the beaches ! The tourist office there is at blvd Férat in city center, webpage

The region department is no 35 ille et Vilaine in Brittany,  and the region of Brittany tourist office on it ,

As usual we went by car, it is less than 2 hrs from us. We took going there the D768 up from us to Loudéac linking with the N164 to Saint Méen le Grand, here hook up with the D125 briefly to connect with the D166/D766  direction saint malo and dinan. by Dinan we took the N176 direction Saint Malo, link up again with the D766 direction saint malo dinard, which becomes the D266 pass the airport of Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint Lunaire; take right briefly on the D168 and again on the D266 direction Dinard, off the D266 entering the town we turn left into rue Henri Maulion then continue on  rue Saint Enogat to park free by the beach or plage de saint enogat, pretty district guide you by the sign for the church of Saint Enogat, from which we walk all over the place! All done in 163,7 kms and 1h40m while viamichelin had 2h22m and 154 kms…..we have always a map to compare ::)

We went straight for the beach at plage Saint Enogat, wonderful stretch of sandy beach with great bath changing rooms and a mini golf. the restos were just up the street at 100 meters right by the fontaine Jules Verne, and wonderful water spout of 10 meters high. Then we went to the church ,Saint Enogat ,previous church from the 17C  only the belltower from 1761 is standing original, the new church was built in 1874 with many furniture and paintings from the 19C and 20C. The church sits in a peaceful corner right behind the buzzle and hussle of the beach area.

We started our walk in real, all thru curving ,narrow, steep streets along the coast by the promenade de clair du lune (done n 1930) and the rue albert lacroix zigzagging into the little streets and some private chemin passageways between homes to reach closer to the ocean. The views are fantastic and the houses if we can them that , more like mansionsn or small castles of the belle époque period are superb; can’t wait to get my hand on one of them ::)  You go by the parc de Port Riou with a panoramic view of the ocean and a villa port riou built in 1882 that has a lighthouse building in the front!!!

The pointe de la Malouine is a beautiful lookout of gorgeous homes and great ocean views  all plumbing into the beach or plage de l’écluse, inmense at low tide you seems to go right into the ocean, huge front property, a beach to return. You have wonderful villa reine Hortense, (queen of Holland) who vacationed here built by the Russian lover prince Nicolas Vlassov who was passionate of the life of the mother of Napoléon III.  The mansion continue too numerous all wonderful such as the villa Cézembre with a stair bringing you down to the beach and the villa Greystones of art deco style.

You continue on the Pointe du Moulinet, rocky place on the border of the Rance on the city of Saint Malo, here more villas such as Saint Germain built in 1870, the pont d’emeraude with great views of the ocean and the villa La Garde tudor style construction. You will see a huge pool on the bridge or pont de l’émeraude that is use in summers gorgeous pool.

The plage de l’écluse or levies beach is one favorite to return having the Malouine on the west and the Moulinet on the east, with bath changing cabins since 1859. An aristocratic beach with the famous from Europe with casino Barriére (built 1902) , the palais des arts et du festival exhibition hall, go  up on blvd Féart and see the villa Montplaisir very so British style, and the wonderful tourist office. Here we had lunch.

Finally, that time to eat, and we were in the beach area of the Ecluse so we choose the one active place Le Glacier, great choice ,fantastic service, very funny/friendly waiters, the food was good with a bottle of muscadet white wine and American tuna sandwhiches, mussels ,and burgers ,café or thé gourmand dishes which are coffee or tea with small pastries and all for 21,7€ per person, can’t beat it with the view, the location and the servings big. Just due for a return.

Already some members becoming tired,not me ::) we arrive at the district of the beach or plage de la prieuré, this is a port harbor with you see a pool open, and you see the church Notre Dame, built in 1858, with stained glass done by Max Ingrand. It is a bigger church but less popular, and has a wonderful nave with memorial to the fallen inside as well as in front of the Church. The across the street Christ cross overlooking the Prieuré beach is wonderful.

We stopped short of the last district La Vicomté, because it has been a long day of walking, the city is long with district far apart and hilly so it takes it tolls, next time we will park closer to this district to finish our journey of the city. From the church Notre Dame on the side we took the rue des français libres to return to Saint Enogat and pickup our car not before getting some baguettes at the corner boulangerie Romain, and some drinks at the near car boulangerie Aux délices Enogatais at place du calvaire. Ready to take our car back home.

we took the same road back and made in about the same time and kms. Another city of Brittany review and counting, the region is beautiful with many more to see, explore, admire, and visit by the road warriors ::) Happy Easter everyone. Cheers.

 Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard  Dinard

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April 1, 2015

Some news from France, CI


Today its April’s fools day, or the poisson d’avril in French, however, this is no joke, all is real and true.

Le Figaro has excellent articles and it recently listed the best new places to do, I just took the ones I like to do or have done. These are

 Float on taken an apero in duo or in group in an electric red and white  boat at the  canal de l’Ourcq. reservations at

Crack into the pool chic of Piscine Molitor with a healthy lunch break only 65€ until April 18 ,courtesy of Healthy Lunch Break for lunch and swim session. Rés.: 01 56 07 08 50. webpage at

Grow up with discovering the great park France Miniature for Easter with family scenes around a farm all from April 18.  webpage

Have a blast at the Blue Festival, and the electro on theh Dock Pullman (dept 93 seine st denis) April 10 and 11. info tickets ,

You can see the oldest tree in Paris !!!.  As Springs arrive, a courtesy visit is a must , it is a  robinier or robinia grown there in the île de la Cité  since the 17C. Located at the  Square René-Viviani-Montebello, 2, rue du Fouarre (5éme).

You can stop by the seating lady at rue Bonaparte . On a nice day you may want to sit next to it under her big hat and look at its naked legs, and its gracious look while resting in her arms and semi closed eyes.  It is located facing the Institut hongrois, 92, rue Bonaparte (6éme).

Why not try a Napoléon, or mille feuille at the great pastry shop at Café Pouchkine, left bank/ rive gauche. 155, bd Saint-Germain (6éme).

Today April 1st at the Four Seasons Hotel George V doors are open on thousands of scented flowers from the «L’Atelier de Jeff».  A flower class led by  Jeff Leatham, known to have these spectacles done.  The floral arts enclosed its hearts and colors of the spirit. L’Atelier de Jeff, of course hotel is at  31, avenue George-V (8éme). Price: 200 €  for two hours. Tél.: 01 49 52 75 01.

How about dining with a local and try a table with the help of these webpages , or To discover an apartment, a cuisine and the social get together with a local!

In its second season, the Cinema Paradiso  put its mouthwatering show in double: 2  theaters that can each hold 2000 spectators, install in a screen of 25 meters and on the famous LoveSeats of designer Martin Székely. Or better on the double bed like at home.  For eating you will have 10 foodtrucks park at the nerf.  The programming is like this American Beauty of Sam Mendes, Orange mécanique of Stanley Kubrick, Manhattan  of Woody Allen , and an opening film of , Mommy of Xavier Dolan. At midnight,  at the  Superclub, with a hot dancefloor until early morning (with 8 special evenings).  Cinema Paradiso, from June 16-26 2015 at the  Grand Palais (8éme). tickets open at the and from April 15 on the evenings events on site. admission from  22 €.

The galerie Jardins en Art present an exposition dedicated to chic  Luco, «Regards sur le Jardin du Luxembourg». Three points of view, with support and photos of  Claire de Virieu, the painting of  Pascale P. Maes , and the illustrations of  Michel Boucher. Until May 23rd at the Galerie  des Jardins en Art, 19, rue Racine (6éme). Tél.: 01 56 81 01 23.

And to take a drink to the old favorite Train Bleu the most beautiful buffet in a train station in the world. Gare de Lyon, Place Louis-Armand (12éme).

And finally ,discover  Van Gogh in the big screen, filmed at the Musée d’Amsterdam and narrated in Paris. from April 16 to 18. At cinema Le Balzac ,1 Rue Balzac ,

Extra extra read all about it, this is just in, the hotel Le Trés Particulier has a bar and it serves Champagnes . Located at  23, av. Junot, Pavillon D (18éme). Tél.: 01 53 41 81 40. yes it is in Montmartre ! Wednesdays to Sundays from 18h to  2h (2am)and on Thursdays to 4h(4am).

March 24, 2015

Some news from France, C


Its time I tell you again about wonderful France and gorgeous Paris. Today has been humid rainy and a bit grey here in Brittany with 5C now. Paris /Versailles shows a light rain and temp of 5C .

The conquistador Velazquez is coming to Paris, at last! The Spanish painter Diego Velazquez(1599-1660) , one of my favorites is showing at the Grand Palais de Paris! This is the painter , the French  Manet, call the “The painter of painters”.  The most influential painter of the golden age of Spain painting when Spain rule the world.  It will be from March 25 to July 13 2015 ,

Something different , my father took this airline Air Europa  to the US last October and he had a great flight. I have use it locally to go to Spain and it confirms my mind ,this is a good airline. Something to brag on these days of disasters on airliners. This is a Spanish airlines founded in 1986.

And passing over to Vincennes , we have a wonderful Bois de Vincennes with many interesting things to see. The parc Floral created in 1969 and the biggest botanical garden in the Paris area with over 8000 flowers:plants see it at Route de la Pyramide,

You continue here on the zoo or parc Zoologique de Paris, by 53 avenue de Saint-Maurice, recent work has made a top attraction to see with modern facilities housing almost 1000 animals.

And last but not least the Grande Pagode, 40bis route de la Ceinture-du-lac-Daumesnil. on the lake Daumesnil the old colonial mansion take its turn for renovation and now looking great ; this is the place of Buddhism  with a Tibetan temple just across it, all awaiting the new year khemer in mid April.

You know the wonderful Louvre had more visitors in 2014 than any other museum in the world, 9,3 million visitors!! ahead of the British museum and the Met at New York.

And do you know the bridges of France? well they are marvelous and I passed many of them over the years. My favorites are the Pont de Ré 2926 meters long linking the island or ile de Ré in the Charente-Maritime, 2nd bridge of France. Then, pont Valentré in Cahors first stone laid in 1308! the famous Pont du Gard, built by the Romans in the 1C AD. Viaduc de Millau in the vallée du Tarn with 270 meters high almost as high as the tour Eiffel! You come nearer me at the nice and nostalgic (for me) Pont de Normandie over the Seine at Le Havre and Honfleur (where my mother lies in the sea RIP), you have the other one nearby the Pont de Tancarville, built in 1959 and now under renovation.  Closer to Paris, in it, the wonderful Pont Alexandre III, built in 1900 during the Universal Expo of 1900 with the first stone laid by tzar Nicolas II of Russia.

How about going to a library in Paris, bibliothéque that is.  The Book fair of Paris is gone yesterday but the impression last longer.  Lots of competition from online firms and the numerique but the book form will last.  There is even a Frenchmen François-Xavier Schmit who open a library in New York city , at the 5th avenue call Albertine.

See in Paris the nice Librarie Alain Brieux,6éme.  or the librarie des Abbesses , you know where, or encore the librarie d’Odessa in the 14éme on the street of same name ,  and my favorite because you can read a book and have a glass of wine is La Belle Hortense, in the 4éme rue Vieille-du-Temple,  and by same owner across the street you have Les Philosophes,  ; we continue our rapid journey into the Librarie le Divan in the 15éme, ; one of the old time favorite the Librarie Delamain at the 1éme,  , and last a place to search and find books in many libraries in France,,

And how about the Art Déco, this I know from Florida , but here is at its best expression in Paris.  Born in the 1920-30’s . Its start was in 1925 at the international decorative and industrial arts exposition in Paris, done between the Esplanade des Invalides and the Grand Palais. Some buildings to see it today are the sale du Théatre des Champs-Elysées done in 1913,

You can see it at the façade at 67 quai d’Orsay done in 1935. and the mansion or hotel from 1926-27 at 4 rue Mallet-Stevens in the 16émé. see it at the stairs in the restaurant Prunier,

You can see it at museums of Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, musée d’Orsay,and muse d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. All easy to find on the web. Other areas, palais de Chaillot, and Palais de Tokyo, Cité Universitaire in the 14éme; on the swimming pools of Paris at Molitor, Amiraux,and Pantin. More on the streets at 51 rue Raynuard 16éme and 3 blvd Victor in the 15éme; Porte Dorée 12éme, and the former Musée des Colonies today housing the Cité Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration. Department like the old Samaritaine and the still there Le Bon Marché, the theaters again such as the Salle Pleyel and the cabaret Folies Bergére, and the recently renovated and opened the cinema theater Louxor 18éme. The Grand Rex 9éme, still there. So much to see and admire in Paris , the city museum or as one said, a movable feast !

Enjoy fully without moderation.



March 9, 2015

Brest for the seaman in you and a lot more for us

We have been here and kept good memories, even visited in Christmas time, see those threads here just type Brest for search. We came back to Brest in the Finistére breton today, just back from it. It was my oldest birthday, 23 years old wow, time does fly by and we are getting better ::) hehehe not old just like a good wine, better lol!

We rode the 166 kms from our home and made in about 2 hrs, by car on the N165 all the way and went into the city to park underground at the Place de la Liberté, right in the thick of things.  Tourist office here ,

We had a wonderful experience in a restaurant here and my son felt like he wanted to celebrate his birthday there. But first , we got there earlier to walk and shop ::)

There is a nice shopping center up rue de Siam  and onwards to rue Jean Jaurés along the tramway tracks with bilevels of loaded nice stores and the Anchor across the street link by an overpass hall is the Au Printemps dept store of Paris fame. However, we came here for the FNAC stores for the boys ….and to our pleasant surprise the new Burger King has open just next to it !!! and just a bit before another shopping center to boot loaded shopping in one stop.

The centre commercial Espace Jaurés,

And the new Burger King Brest not even yet in their webpage open Mondays to Saturdays from 9h30/10h00 to 19h30. next to the above shopping center at Espace Jaurès – Niveau 2 (level 2), 65 Rue Jean Jaurès, but you can come in off the street as well.

and the centre commercial Coat Ar Gueven,

We did shop at our favorite Armand Thiery store for men, and grab some more gifts,  ,and then madame got a nice Hexagona bag at the Pavillon de la Maroquinerie at 44 rue de Siam ;this is a Brest shoppers site and some info on the store, very nice brands and good prices here, ours was 50% off ::)

The boys went on to Dock Games on rue de Siam  ,  and the Lacoste store as well ;  all on the same street and close by, a shopper’s paradise.

And oh well, we needed to eat, oh yes, that is what we came here to do , my oldest 23 birthday and he been such a humble guy pick the old Au Bureau pub restaurant at 10 rue de Siam, and as so often happened when visiting and not coming back soon even if we live close ….. the restaurant had change ownership, now call the Rest Au Pub; however, pretty much same menu ambiance, and friendly service. WE got the 9 scoops of ice cream dish back upon request!!! and of course he had his Triple burger with a nice bottle of Saumur Champigny, red  2013 Les Longes (in memory of the great school of cavarly Cadre Noir of Saumur).

This is a franchise chain, we have followed in Nantes and Lannion, and Brest. The Brest property went out of the franchise and are now independant. The food, service, decor, and location stay the same, a wonderful place, recommended. No webpage for the new name yet , just 10 rue de Siam, 29000, Brest tel +33 (0) 2 98 43 55 53. just up the harbor and the tour Tanguy and up the castle left and by the bridge of Recouvrance take right into rue de Siam cant missed it.

We keep the personal photos but you get an idea. Enjoy the week, and I enjoy my day off for the celebration. Cheers

Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest  Brest



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March 8, 2015

Dinan, valley of the Rance and crossroad of Brittany

And in our rambling rides in our beautiful region we visited again Dinan, this time a bit more. We went by car of course, its only less than 2 hrs from my house! The tourist office is here  you can change language above left button.

Dinan is indeed at the road crossing of Saint Malo, Rennes, Lorient,Quimper, Vannes you name it. It has train service to Paris and bus terminal right by the train station on the network TIBUS. We went by car and to beat Michelin ,which already gotten over 20 letters from me on fixing trajects, not all change for their commercial reasons ::)

We set out as knowing Michelin told us 2h03 time and 131 kms. We took different by tracing on a local IGN map, and took off on the road D768 direction Pontivy. We went all the way past Pontivy to hook up at Loudéac with the N164 direction Rennes. Continue until we hit Saint Meen le Grand and got on shortly on the D125 already direction Dinan/St Malo. This road same direction change to the D166 passing Caulnes and then we smoothly fell on the road D766 passing the nice Saint Jouan de l’Isles town with nice story on St John the Baptist. At a traffic circle just still direction only Dinan now we hook up with the D795 straight into Rue de Marchix in Dinan and the underground parking at my favorite hotel de ville ,near the castle. In all , we had 141 kms and did it in 1h36 so a bit longer but quicker and still free. Beat Michelin again lol!

We got out of the parking and immediately you see the Hôtel de Ville to your right and instead of following the ramparts from there we took off for the tourist office which is right next to the entrance to the Castle (closed) but came down on the ramparts and saw there was the Fête Foraine du Liége with lots of rides for old and Young and food, and music all the way to the night.  This last until March 22nd.

We walk into the gorgeous city old center with wooden houses from as far back as the 14C, and came up to see the tour d’Horloge, the théatre des Jacobins, Church of Saint Sauveur,Church of  Saint Malo; jardin Anglais (which was an old English colony cementary until extinct) more walk on the ramparts along the porte Saint Catherine with a nice view of the viaduc on to Rennes over the river Rance, and the port of Dinan.

We did our shopping at Les Terney thés for my harley Davidson mug and 1960’s Paris placemats for drinks,  web at  and my sons got their leather belts at TM Cuir. and got our goodies of baguettes and dejeunettes sandwich breads at Boulangerie Royer (no web at grand rue ); and finally we did eat at the wonderful service and foof of Pizzeria Cecco at rue de la poissonnerie. ;nice quatre saisons or four seasons pizza, banana splits and a bottle of red Italina Negroamaro from Salento ,Lecce ;diabolo menthe, other desserts and pasta/pizzas total came out to 21€ per person,ok and nice ambiance with currency money frames and bucket lounge style tables and chairs in the old section of town.

Inside the tourist office you can see the history of Dinan in the museum of centre d’interpretation et du Patrimoine with nice interactive booths. The historical Chapelle Sainte Catherine, the jardin Val Cocherel by the promenade des pétit-fossés along the ramparts. The old maison du gouverneur or governor’s house, the whole day was spent very nice in anticipation of Monday is my oldest birthday and we will be out to Brest, stay tune….::)

Enjoy your Sunday and do visit Dinan. Cheers

Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan Dinan


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