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November 21, 2015

Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, this is Florida!

OMG, I just look back of my blog and realise not written on these wonderful spots since 2011! Times flies, this was my last stronghold in the USA before leaving permanently to France. I had not been back there since 2009 and now had 3 great days in the area. This is the South Florida area where I still have family.

It has a lot to offers other than the beaches and night life, but I let you mingle and decide on that with the tourist offices there of Miami,  and Fort Lauderdale,

I was Lucky to have on my way back from Mexico the company ok to attend a finance conference in Fort Lauderdale arriving at Miami airport on American Airlines.  . I must add nothing compares with Air France ::)

My cousin was there to greet me and take me to eat at a local Cuban restaurant now very popular for the last 10 years or so, Molina’s in the nearby city of Hialeah on which hospital my twin boys were born!!! The place was typical of old Cuba and the food very Cuban, something did not had for yearsss! picadillo ,moros rice, sweet plaintains, and a nice corona beer.

Afterward I was taken to my conference hotel at Fort Lauderdale, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel; right off the ocean drive and very near Las Olas blvd chic area,

OF course, the hotel was top luxury, glad was not paying ::) the room well the apartment as it was two rooms with living room and bedroom, TV in both in addition to a smaller one in the bathroom. There had bathtub and shower and lavs for two. The wonderful beachside restaurant was wonderful too. A great place ,location, and friendly prompt service.

The evening had the chance to eat dinner there overlooking the ocean and Fort Lauderdale beach , nice oysters, shrimps, and cocktails mojitos was wonderful right at the bar with a friendly bartender. Needless to say went to bed very late into the morning hours lol!!!

Once the conference was over, we were invited for dinner as part of it, to the wonderful Brazilian charrusqueria Chima’s right on Las Olas blvd and about 15 minutes walking back to the hotel which me and a group of warriors found out.

Chima has a wonderful front terrace to mingle and drink, and then great laidout indoor tables for the feast of bringing those different cuts of meats charrusqueria style (call here steakhouse) all night long with wonderful glasses of red wines. Good company and pleasant evening afterward on the way back and at the hotel bar ::)

The last day got pickup by my cousin again and given a right in the laberinth of roads and tolls the area has become, really change feld big and different already. Saw the new Marlins baseball stadium, the Lincoln Road Miami Beach area, and the bridges before finally depositing me at Miami airport for the trip back home. A nice nostalgic if short trip to what was once call home ::)

At Miami before flight had some snacks at La Pausa in concourse J Mia for a mahi mahi sandwich fries and a glass of California Hogue cellars red wine. A nice send offs.

The flight back was my first ever ,believe or not, delays at airport, happening after a heigthening of security tension for the atrocious terrorist acts in Paris, they found two bags checked-in but no passenger so the plane was ask to return to gate!! wait and wait finally departed to Paris. There, as was getting ready to board my last flight to Nantes, once already in the passarelle to the plane we were ask to return back Inside as they was a fuel leak on the plane, wait wait, finally took off. Arrive home five hours late missed by twins birthday outing and needed to catch up today lol! Now ready for another long journey tomorrow to Brazil!!!

Have a great weekend!





November 20, 2015

One, two , Mexico DF, Tepatitlan de Morelos in one short trip!

Now I am rested to finish Mexico to tell you all about it, and then out again Sunday for another wonderful trip, happy travels indeed ::)

As usual left from Nantes airport to Paris CDG and then Mexico DF Benito Juarez airport; staying at the nice City Express Plus Patio Universidad in DF. Here are the contacts :

The hotel was central at the corner of Universidad and Av. Popocatépetl in the shopping center Patio Universidad, it open in 2015 very nice with stores like Best Buy, The Home Store,  Steve Madden, Sports World, and groceries Superama. Also many restaurants like Starbucks, El Bajío, California Pizza Kitchen, PF Chang´s, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Carls Jr., and IHOP. open 9h to 22h;also a wonderful cinema Cinépolis. no webpage yet!

I did show up and went straight to El Bajio for my first dinner there, nice place if a bit hurry up to get rid of me lol! The lady kept giving me dishes to try and I keep saying no thank you have enough, endless, but the food and drinks were good, bohemia oscura beers !

I did a lot of walking around to see old names like Walmart, Sears, and the Mexican dept store Liverpool,(chic), and had my rides thru Insurgentes Sur and into the State of Mexico outside DF in Ecatepec de Morelos. Of course ,my hotel had great views of the city of Mexico too. Driving around in Ecatepec  I had lunch at Los Bisquets de Obregon local cuisine restaurant with a great cecina steak (salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke) with mashed potatoes, mexican rice, and mango/papaya juices here !

Next , after doing some walking around safe in DF! lol! I met some old friends at the Olive Garden in the Patio Universidad shopping;  here with ravioli stuff champignon and a great Trapiche malbec Argentinian wine, coffee nice, great memories ;

This allows me just before to go over the Plaza Universidad shopping center, ; which later on hook up with another friend and after already having eaten we went over for some snacks and drinks at the Sanborns Inside.

and following my culinary taste of Mexico DF on another night went for TGIFridays hahaha yes very original , I remember this resto from back in USA and love them. Found them here with a nice big burger and try Victoria and Pacifico beers !! This was ,also, in the Patio Universidad shopping!

Moving right alone as able to see the Métrobus system with elevated platforms running east-west and north-South in the city ,well the traffic is still BIG! Teatro Insurgentes was nice but no time to see a show; right in chic area by city center building in Insurgentes Sur.

And, I had time with another friend to see the Mexico vs El Salvador match concacaf WC qualifying won easily by Mexico 3X0 at Hooters another of my old favorites ::) Great Indio beer and nachos snacks with cheese and the action was good with friendly crowd.

And I took my plane to Guadalajara airport before had my lunch at Wimpy in DF airport; cant find webpage but was ok for an introduction before leaving. Guadalajara airport is small and nice ;

And went over to Tepatitlan de Morelos a nice town country cozy feeling more on it here, in Spanish

Here I stayed again in my usual Grand Hotel, with French owner and very nice, my room the Mexican Rangel, chic class and great service in city center near the main Church.

Having breakfast in the Café Paris is grand and great views over the city. and we went out to Zapoten , nice town and had lunch on the road at Birreria Chololo with goat meat and beers Indio oscura. An institution in the area, they are at Carretera a Chapala Km 17, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, no webpage but a nice page to describe it a bit further,

We did some traveling by car and walk from our hotel to a wonderful place for dinner Bistro 77 right in city center near the wonderful Cathedral and kiosk in the park. Wonderful Pulpo beers and pizzas with hot chili mexican here, great tv screens and wonderful friendly service,

I came back to DF on Aeromexico again, easy. and my trip continue on next post. Enjoy Mexico!!!

Guadalajara zapoten guadalajara tepatitlan de morelos Tepatitlan de morelos guadalajara zapoten tepatitlan de morelos tepatitlan de morelos tepatitlan de morelos tepatitlan de morelos Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF ecatepec ecatepec Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF Mexico DF



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October 24, 2015

The land of Sherry or Xéres or Jerez;vinos olé!!!

Here I am back after a most wonderful week in the corners of Spain down in the province of Cadiz, autonomous region of Andalucia, Kingdom of Spain. This is for real Chiclana de la Frontera ,and Jerez de la Frontera. Gorgeous.

The tourist office sites are here:

The sherry wines are made mostly from Palomino grapes in this part of the world for centuries, whites wines of Manzanilla and Fino ,and darker oxidize wines such as Oloroso and Amontillado, and dessert wines done from Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez. The word of Sherry is an English version of Xeres or Jerez. The area covers from Sanlùcar de Barrameda to Puerto de Santa Maria passing by Jerez de la Frontera.

The history here goes back to the Phoenicians to the year 1100 BC! but the distillation was born with the Moors in 711AD ,and from 1264 Under Spanish Kings the wines took on Europe and the rest of the world. The different styles as told above are

Fino (‘fine’ in Spanish) is the driest and palest of the traditional varieties of Sherry. The wine is aged in barrels under a cap of  yeast flour to prevent contact with the air. Manzanilla is an especially light variety of Fino Sherry made around the port of Sanlùcar de Barrameda. Manzanilla Pasada is a Manzanilla that has undergone extended aging or has been partially oxidised, giving a richer, nuttier flavour. Amontillado is a variety of Sherry that is first aged under flor but which is then exposed to oxygen, producing a sherry that is darker than a Fino but lighter than an Oloroso. Naturally dry, they are sometimes sold lightly to medium sweetened but these can no longer be labelled as Amontillado. Oloroso (‘scented’ in Spanish) is a variety of sherry aged oxidative for a longer time than a Fino or Amontillado, producing a darker and richer wine. With alcohol levels  between 18 and 20%, Olorosos are the most alcoholic sherries. Like Amontillado, naturally dry, they are often also sold in sweetened versions called Cream sherry. As with Amontillado “Sweet Oloroso”, “Rich Oloroso” and “Oloroso Dulce” are prohibited terms. Palo Cortado is a variety of Sherry that is initially aged like an Amontillado, typically for three or four years, but which subsequently develops a character closer to a Oloroso. This either happens by accident when the flor dies, or commonly the flor is killed by fortification or filtration. Jerez Dulce (Sweet Sherries) are made either by fermenting dried Pedro Ximénez (PX) or Moscatel grapes, which produces an intensely sweet dark brown or black wine, or by blending sweeter wines or grape must with a drier variety.  Cream is a type of sweet sherry first made in the 1860s by blending different sherries, usually including Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez.

For a further breakdown and official information on Sherry see the official site for the wine here ;

Here I visited the famous farm-house of Domecq at Finca Los Alburejos with Alvaro Domecq himself riding the horses;  ; and later went to Gonzalez Byass bodega for more wines and Tio Pepe!!!

In both properties above had a sumptuous dinner in the bodega or picador arena in the wonderful Andalusian nights to remember forever.

And to do the reverse this time, I stayed at the wonderful Barcelo Sancti Petri Spa Resort at Chiclana de la Frontera. A wonderful pool and waterfall with jacuzzi and japanese style garden lake, disco Siddhartha with an Indian decoration and the Dublin Bay bar Irish Pub. Great amphitheater outdoors, and the buffet resto Almadraba,restaurante Atunante and Spa of course. Just a place not to leave but then again, you do not want to miss the wines!!  You can see it no need to tell you lol!

And of course, I took off from Nantes to Jerez de la Frontera airport on a charter jet and then cercanias 1 train to Cadiz train station and bus to 020 to Chiclana ,taxi to the resort above. On the way back we took a taxi to airport at 98€ for four persons. Easy ride and great fun, now enjoy the photos. Until next month’s trips.  ;

Chiclana Chiclana Chiclana Chiclana Chiclana Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez Jerez

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September 4, 2015

Koblenz on the German corner! Deutsche Eck .

On one of our wandering in the Saar of Germany we decided to go away into the center and we pick Koblenz, a nice city on the rivers Moselle and Rhine or the German corner or Deutsche Eck . The city is very nice and great for walking.

We arrive by car from Trier on the 602 ,then 1, B48 and finally the 9 roads or about 3 hrs. We entered the city and park at the Schaengel Center underground, nice and all around you to walk , here . We immediately headed for the tourist office in the Forum Confluences  building across the street.

After some shopping there, we move on on foot.  By Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 41 street we came across an imposing belltower Church of Christ. We did walk a lot as the city is marvelous with great architectures and figurines on the streets with fountains sometimes; we reach another chapel of St Michael who was mentioned for the first time in 1321 located at An Der Liebfraunkirche street. We continue by Florinsmarkt , we reach the Church of St Florin or Florinskirche.

And we reach the German corner! at the huge statue of emperor William I of Germany and overlooking the river Moselle and Rhine with the great cable car to the fortress above and the quaint restaurants along the riverbank. Such as  the Eiscafe am deutchen eck where we had a great sausage and good beer of kronenbacher,

We continue on the Basilica of St Castor , a huge wonderful Church that is in itself a must to see. The official site in German here and on Koblenz tourist office again in German

Right around it you see the Ludwig museum , and we finish by the former Prussian President building and more wonderful fountains such as the Historiensaeule in Josef-Görres-Platz (square). Passing by the rathaus or city hall and the Jesuits Church where now sits the city hall or Rathause. A wonderful town and good idea we decided to visit it. Certainly worth coming back here.

Enjoy a selection of my pictures of Koblenz. Cheers and have a great weekend.

Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz Koblenz


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September 1, 2015

Fairy tales do happened in Luxembourg city!

Here I go again ,on my summer vacation wandering the roads of France,Luxembourg and Germany. Now this is like coming home to Luxembourg city, we used to come very often even in one day when lived in Versailles. Now we are farther but we manage to come again, always nice memories.

The tourist office is here

In our older rounds we came for the pepperoni lovers pizza and the Mousel beers at Place d’Armes , and of course mingled about. Just for Lunch ::) ; then we came again and saw more of the city and the country. Now we gave it a good tour some old some new places. We came by car from our Germany base, on the A3 around the city into the back of the train station in Lux city. We went straight to our usual parking by place du théatre near the theater of des capucins underground. Then we set on foot all over the city.

Walking around the nice place de Saint Esprit and all the monuments and government buildings over the Viaduc , place de la Constitution, the music kiosk , and the great views over the Peitruss below with the nice church of St Jean (St John), and over the Grond or Grund  into the casements bock ,seeing the little train as when my kids were smaller and recount the story of the Duchesse Maria Teresa of Luxembourg who is born in Havana, Cuba

Getting a look at the wonderful Ducal Palace, again. nice area in front in the place Guillaume II with his equestrian statue, and over the always wonderful Place d’Armes where memories lingered of bringing my boys here to eat even lunch ::) Pizza Hut still there as it is Bananas, and we remember all, now the beer change from Mousel to Bofferding, but the same great service and great pizza. Had our garlic and goat cheese breadsticks, coffees, and beers! A bit technical info on Lux beers ;

and the Luxembourg beer history and breweries here,

The nice churches of St Michel and St Alphonse nice elements of a serious city and of course, the magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame , or of the Blessed Virgin with it’s lower chapels and wonderful display of statues, chapels,and ceilings, just great to see again.

And of course,another one of our favorites ,the Kirchberg district, not just because for me there is many European institutions there but with the family we enjoy the wonderful Auchan shopping center and the cinema Utopolis

We had another great time in Luxembourg city, I have a colleague who is from there, when I mentioned I went back to Luxembourg ,she shrink her eyes, indeed is a lot nicer than what most think. You should try it; Enjoy the pictures.

Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville Luxembourg ville



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August 30, 2015

Vianden, the Castle and world heritage site

This is Vianden, Luxembourg. I have come close to it but never made it here, perhaps too much driving around. This time I came straight from Echternach on the road N10 and it was fantastic, one of the highlights of the trip as we love castles.

There is a quaint small town ambiance which is superb here, we love it, and nice churches such as St Nicolas and Des Trinitaires; as well as a good cable car that takes you the castle about 15 minutes walking from it for 4,80€ roundtrip. And the river Our with its cascades and levies is nice natural environment to see and walk its banks.

However, all else is secondary to the Castle of Vianden.

It is open every day from 10h and until 16h to 18h depending the date.  admission is 6€ adults.

You come up a long winding hilly road into the entrance gates, pay, and go up more steps into the first courtyard. YOu follow a sequence of numbered rooms to the Arms hall, archeological crypt, early kitchen, lower chapel (with byzantines designs) ,knight’s study, inner courtyard, upper chapel, Byzantine gallery, JP Kotz hall, Charles Arendt hall, Banqueting hall, bedroom, festivity hall, genealogy hall, grand kitchen, dining hall, the well, knight’s hall, and the large cellars. You can easily spend half day looking at the castle alone or more.

More info in Vianden tourist office here,

The castle is impressive , with great showing , and a nice cafeteria at the way out , suggest though to get something to drink as you start your tour, bottle of water etc as the long up and down sideways can be exhaustive for older and or less active folks.

In all, with only a couple places to see and maybe eat here or take picnic food as we did, you can have a wonderful time in Vianden. We love it, and will be back. Enjoy your Sunday, I am catching up on my trip lol!

 Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden  Vianden



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August 29, 2015

Echternach Luxembourg and its Basilica museum

On one of my days from home in Germany near the Luxembourg border we decided to come to Echternach, I have been by here briefly before , but this time the whole family was in. Echternach is the basilica of Saint Willibrock.

The tourist office is here

It was easy for us as we just came from our village up the B51 up to Konz and then to Wasserbillig Luxembourg on the road N10 straight to Echternach. nice ride.

We came upon the old customs house and right afterward there was our parking at rue du pont right next to the Benedictine abbey that took us into city center at place du marché.

Here we came across the old justice palace done in the 13-14C and still in great condition, the city hall or hotel de ville is here. We came across the thing to come here, the Basilica of Saint Willibrock, with its Merovigien crypt with the tomb of the founder of the abbey. Portraits from the 11C, the basilica as we see it today dates from the 11C to 13C  was damaged during the Battle of the Ardennes (Bulge WWII) and rebuilt in a neo roman style. The Crypt is from the Caroligian period and has remains of paintings on the walls. It house a great white marble sarcophagi containing the remains of Saint-Willibrord. You will find as well the fountain of St. Willibrord, the renaissance confessions and the stained glass windows.  It is here that the famous International Festival of ’Echternach is held.

There is ,also, a museum of the abbey present the story of the abbey founded in 698AD, and house in the old abbey vaulted cellars. The museum has great decorative paintings in gold with the first letters of the Evangelism of great value; the beautiful facsimiles of work of such as the Codex Aureus Epternacensis or Codex Aureus Escorialensis. IN another section you can see a few remains of the work of Saint Willibrord,and ,also on his time and origins here; nice.

A wonderful place du marché or market square to wandered and have lunch completes the day, but we had ours elsewhere this time. Enjoy Echternach a medieval looking complex right in the center of town, easy parking. Cheers

 Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach  Echternach


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August 28, 2015

Luxembourg more than one city, Grevenmacher and Schengen.

I have come to Luxembourg but always head out north down the center from the city; this time basing ourselves closer , we took the plunge into the southern part. Here we came up to wine towns of the white grapes or bubblies these towns were Grevenmacher and Schengen.

The tourist offices of Schengen, European Center is here

And Grevenmacher is here,

We rode from Germany on the B51 over the 419 and into Wellen crossing the Moselle into Grevenmacher and then down south on the 10 and 152 to Schengen. Easy beautiful rides along a wonderful river and very nice scenaries.

Once in Grevenmacher, we walk all over the nice streets, wonderful feeling; beautiful fountain statues and a nice Church St Laurent right in city center near the hotel de ville or city hall.

We had our lunch at La Belle Pierre, 15 Route de Thionville, a nice resto of excellent food at greater good prices. menu at 9,90€! and a nice beer Diekirch of Luxembourg.  We had lasagna dishes, and I had the menu of entrée of shrimp and fusilli  bolognaise with dessert of custard, and it was just right. In a very nice bright clean modern ambiance, here is the webpage

We came afterward to visit the Caves Bernard Massard, of the great Luxembourg white whites and especially the bubblies of the methode traditionelle (not allowed to use the word Champagne). This house is from 1921 and the founder learn the trade in France before coming back to do his cellars and now they are purveyors to the Duke of Luxembourg. Great host Peter , and a wonderful barwomen Nathalie, in the tasting room, wonderful boutique and great welcoming, the wines were good and we purchase both still and bubbly wines.  We had the tour of the cellars in addition to three tasting full glasses for 9€ per person.

We then continue a short ride along the Moselle river to Schengen the European Center and old castle and a nice church St Sauveur. The Euro Center was the treaty of free exchange of people in Europe something that is in vogue today in Europe and test this initiative done in 1990. The castle now a hotel and conference center , originally built in 1350 was visited in 1871 by Victor Hugo. The center is like a museum showing the history of the treaty and the different customs houses of Europe;it ,also, shows the different organisms governing Europe today. Educational.

We headed back up to Grevenmacher and cross the bridge to Wellen and Germany to go “home” in the Saar. Stay tune for more, cheers.

 Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Grevenmacher  Schengen  Schengen  Schengen  Schengen  Schengen  Schengen


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August 26, 2015

The land of Sarre in Germany, Mettlach

Well this was a nice surprise unintended. I was going to Sarrebrucken to see the Ford factory as my car is a Ford all my life. And while getting there met a nice city and a pretty town on the way;the town is Mettlach.

Going all the way on the road B51 from my base south to Mettlach was easy, passing many interesting towns and enjoying the car ride. There is a tourist site but in German,

From the region tourist office you have more in English,

Mettlach is a nice town, with a history of Saint Luitwinius in a very nice Church. Great river cruising on the Sarre river up river and most of all the home of ceramics wonderland in Villeroy & Boch ,with its many outlet stores and also many others like Land’s End.

For me the hightlight was the visit to the old abbey now the home for 260 years of the ceramic maker Villeroy&Boch,

There are many outlet stores there from Land’s End,

and many others like Laura Ashley, Bassetti,Silit etc here

So it is really a shopper’s paradise with a nice river cruise and picking up some bargain the day trip to Mettlach should be great. And do not forget to go up to the Church of St Liutwinius.

We had a snack there at Eiscafe La Taormina, Sicilian folks and great beers with gelato, Italian ice cream just wonderful like been there,and on the main street just down from the Church on the main street to the river boat terminals and five minutes from the Villeroy & Boch abbey/outlet stores.

the abbey has a great garden with water fountain, and a tower 1000 years old of St Liutwinius and a statue of the Saint in the up the square facing the town; just a nice small town indeed and a wonderful find. Enjoy the pictures;cheers.

 Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach  Mettlach


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August 24, 2015

The Saarland of Germany, Konz-Oberemmel

When we sat to decide on our summer vacation, we look at all the places we have been even shortly and those not yet gone. We have stop by Trier(Tréves) ,and like the area so we decided to rent south of it in the Saar region of Germany. With the help of the region tourist office ;

We chose an apartment in the winemaker’s house in the town of Konz-Oberemmel where we rented for two weeks as our base; the town is lovely, and the stay was good with excellent quality/price ratio. This is the town page on the tourist office,

The rental at Willems & Hofmann was here , ;It was in the 2nd floor of the building,  it had an entry stair a bit tight, then kitchenette, dining/living room combine with two windows in the attic, two bedrooms with two twins beds on each and the sofa bed in the living room; coffeemaker, microwave,medium size fridge, closets, the bathroom with shower and window;cable TV with some English stations for news, plus French, Spanish,Portuguese,etc. no telephone and no wifi/internet. The rent was discounted as we rented two weeks so it will change according to your stay and season. The family daughter and winemaker speaks English, and it is the daughter who handles the initial rental by email.

The town has one grocery store and one bakery, that is it, 1700 inhabitants, one spoked English and two French, the rest German and our few words. The reception in town was very friendly, and all folks try to help us; we did attack that grocery store Edeka-Krumm,

The bakery was Baeckerei Baasch, no webpage but here is some info,

We were lucky to arrive at the time of the Wine Festival in town, with live music until the wee hours, and plenty of white/red local wines and bitburg beers as well as sausages of all types and friendly service. The town is full of private wineries so on every street there is one to taste lol! And of course, in the wine festival there were all!!! The town page is here in German but you can see the festival announcement weinfestival,

We walk the town all over, and even into the wine fields, lovely, the homes struck us the difference where all the houses were decorated different; the town has an event hall and one Catholic Church St. Briktius . two restaurants and plenty of walks and bicycle rides tours, other than ours plenty of others for rentals here,

As for directions well the best is to come from Trier on the B51 direction Saarburg, and then take it to Kazem, and then Wiltingen on the L138 to Konz-Oberemmel. We coming from France took it from Luxembourg city beltway A1 to No 2 direction Remich and American Cementaries, once at Remich take the B407 up to Saarburg and then theh L138 to Wiltingen and then Oberemmel. Narrow and hilly roads full of winegrown grapes but lovely along the river Saar. We enjoy the ride stopping at many places along the way and from Oberemmel using it as a base to cover all of Luxembourg and western part of Germany as far as Darmstadts/Mainz, Koblenz, and Saarbrucken. Many posts to come, stay tune.

Enjoy our base camp in lovely wine country of Oberemmel (Saarland). Cheers

Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel Oberemmel





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